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National Geographic ®
A Vitec Group brand (manufactured & distributed under license)

National Geographic

Medium Tote Bag For personal gear, mirrorless camera & IPAD

HKD$ 1,840.00

PART # NG P8150
The Private Collection's Medium Tote Bag allows you to pack for a day trip while keeping your mirrorless camera with lens attached, additional small lens and iPad or tablet neatly arranged inside.


15.0 cm
12.0 cm
8.5 cm
40.0 cm
37.0 cm
10.0 cm
34 cm
36.0 cm
9 cm
1.18 kg


NG_P_InUse_NGP8150_ToteBag_NGP2030_SlimShoulderBag_ManWoman_Horizontal.jpg NG_P_InUse_NGP8150_ToteBag_Woman.jpg NG_P_InUse_NGP8150_ToteBag_Woman_2.jpg NG_P_InUse_NGP8150_ToteBag_Woman_3.jpg

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