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National Geographic ®
A Vitec Group brand (manufactured & distributed under license)

National Geographic

Medium Tote Bag For personal gear, mirrorless camera & IPAD

HKD$ 1,840.00

PART # NG P8150

The Private Collection's Medium Tote Bag allows you to pack for a day trip while keeping your mirrorless camera with lens attached, additional small lens and iPad or tablet neatly arranged inside.


NG_P_InUse_NGP8150_ToteBag_NGP2030_SlimShoulderBag_ManWoman_Horizontal.jpg NG_P_InUse_NGP8150_ToteBag_Woman.jpg NG_P_InUse_NGP8150_ToteBag_Woman_2.jpg NG_P_InUse_NGP8150_ToteBag_Woman_3.jpg

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